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For any movies (except old deleted movies) that you really wanna download, please contact me to be shared the mirror-links.
I'm busy by having the big project at shool these day. So I'll update the blog later.


Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011)

gay movie
Nothing to say. It's too popular great gay movie series.
Let's enjoy your weekend !

Black Briefs (2011)

gay movie
This pack inclues six short dark-themed gay films, you may their tittles see below:
  • SPRING by Hong Khaou
  • REMISSION  by Greg Ivan Smith  
  • WINNER TAKES ALL by Camille Carida
  • PROMISE  by Lalo Vasquez
  • VIDEO NIGHT  by Jim Hansen and Jack Plotnick
  • COMMUNICATION  by Christopher Banks
Happy Weekend ! 

Is it just me (2010)

gay movie
I just watch this gay movie last week and was quite surprised at how good it was.

In "Is it just me (2010)", you have the self-deprecating nerd (Blaine), the perfect dream guy (Xander), the jock who's more focused on sex (Cameron), the older eccentric guy who's lived his life alone, the understanding female close friend.  All of the characters are likable and relatable in some way. The movie does not judge any of them, and there's no bad guy inside.

PS: I was shocked to see it only got 5/10 stars on IMDB. I mean this is at lest 8 stars or more :(

Gay Samurai fuck

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"In one minute, the opponent grabs his own dick and with one move pushes it right into the samurai’s tight asshole and after several movements, fills it with his warm and sticky cock sauce"

You would like to spice up your life little bit with something new and exciting ? Certainly, here's the great asian gay porn video for you.


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The first time when this handsome asian gay patient enter the gay doctor's room, it feels so horny !

Really the most loved Thailand gay boy that I've ever seen !
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